Blow Molded Plastic Toy Parts

Quality Custom Molding produces a wide range of products and parts including items for the toy industry. We produce BPA-free plastic children’s play equipment, sporting goods, learning toys, and storage containers. Besides the production of the blow molded parts, Quality Custom Molding does assembly, packaging, and distribution of products, consistently meeting the demand for experience and expertise of the toy industry customer. We can meet your exact specifications for any children’s plastic product and our facility is capable of any size project.

Whether you need a brand-new product for children that will be sold to consumers, or you represent a company that needs to brand specific children’s items, Quality Custom Molding uses the same care, attention to detail and quality control with a children’s toy that we use with highly technical industrial products.

Contact Quality Custom Molding today and request a Plastics Molding Project Consultation or call 573-897-4166 to get the help you need to complete your plastic product for children.